I felt the urgency of spring yesterday as the sun showed up to deliver a beautiful day in the wine country. The vineyard still seems to be sleeping, as the daffodil blooms stand strong -committed that spring is finally arriving. This year, the frenzy of spring is not just about readying the vineyard for our first real harvest or the fun of weeding and mulching the garden. However, both of those tasks are actually still on our very long “to do list”. This spring Chaly and I will finish setting the table for the next phase of our life - literally setting the table for you.

This summer we will be finishing the construction of our family home and guest house: a small bed & breakfast in the beautiful Dundee Hills of Oregon. It seems fitting that yesterday on that sunny spring day, under direction from our beautiful daughter, we launched our little website to help connect you all to our wine country adventure. Sharing our intentions and progress (both good and bad) is scary but also exciting.

A beautiful thing happens when you share something of value - you open yourself up to a wave of support from your community. It is a sweet reminder of why Chaly and I are so excited about opening our home and heart to new friends. We love this place and can’t wait to share it with each and every one of you.  

Stay in touch,