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Kerry & Chaly plant their first vine, 2014

Kerry & Chaly plant their first vine, 2014


After falling in love...

We built a beautiful life together in Austin Texas. While focusing on food, family and friends, we developed a deep passion for Oregon pinot noir. It took just one visit the Dundee Hills to fall in love with the breathtaking land, authentic people and delicate wines.

On our second visit to Oregon we bought "the farm" - a small farm in the Dundee Hills accented by Jory soil, a south-east facing slope, and stunning views of the valley. We never before imagined leaving Texas, yet now we could see ourselves "retiring" someday to join the growing community of wine growers focused on pinot noir. We both fell in love quickly, and after planting our first vineyard in 2014 we realized that our hearts and future were fully rooted in Oregon.  

Taking a leap of faith, we purchased a neighboring vineyard site and embarked on building our family home with private guest suites for friends both old and new. We love sharing the peaceful nature of Oregon wine country, the inspiring vistas of the Dundee Hills, the day-to-day operation of a small vineyard, and hand-crafted food with our guests.  We hope you make our home yours when visiting the Oregon wine country.