Our family


Kerry Balanza

Kerry was raised in a small oil town in Oklahoma and after college joined the growing technology industry in Austin Texas. Her passion for technology, innovation, and collaboration resulted in a long career in the high-tech mobile industry with many side adventures in food, wine, and travel.  Summer trips to the south of France shaped her desire for a well-lived life focused on family, friends, food, nature, and of course great wine. Exchanging the security and excitement of her career for an opportunity to build a new chapter of life within the Oregon wine community is a fulfilling new mission. Trying to balance our passion for family, life, and pinot noir together with the patient work of becoming farmers, cultivating a vineyard and sharing our home is a daily adventure. 

Chaly Balanza

Chaly was raised in the mountain city of La Paz, Bolivia. His passion tor tennis brought him to the United States and eventually to Texas where he designed roadways for state and local highway projects. After meeting Kerry on a tennis court in Austin, Kerry and Chaly married and built a beautiful family life together with two growing daughters.  Although originally a self-described “craft-beer guy”, Chaly discovered his passion for Oregon wine after many evenings together with his wife and friends cooking and drinking wine. Although he still enjoys Oregon craft beers, Chaly has become passionate ambassador for all things Oregon - especially pinot noir and chardonnay. Chaly enjoys connecting with people and the vineyard, where he is often seen on his tractor.

ginger photo - 1.jpg


Ginger is a sweet natured English Setter originally from Washington state. She enjoys riding the Kubota and working in the garden with mom. On sunny days, she is sometimes found napping in the hammock. With her sister Chloe, Ginger spends her days in the private family residence and in our private farm garden that she refers to as “dog world”. Ginger loves snuggling and cautiously meeting new people. 

Better Chloe - 1.jpg


Chloe is an adventure seeking Irish Setter and Oregon native. She enjoys chasing birds and deer out of the vineyard and taking long rides in the Kubota. With her sister Ginger, Chloe spends her days in the private family residence and in our private farm garden that she refers to as “dog world”. Most days Chloe can be found romping and playing in “dog world”. Chloe loves to play catch and chase her sister Ginger. 

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Kay & Audrey McGuire

Kay and Audrey were raised in Austin Texas. When Kay is not enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir, Kay brings her creativity to many projects here at Balanza Vineyard including our social media activity and web presence. Audrey has a strong visual arts background and helps to bring a modern design aesthetic to the finishings and furnishings at Balanza Vineyard. She also enjoys a chardonnay, between playing with the dogs on the vineyard.

Kittens - 1.jpg

Juancito & Evita

Juancito and Evita are our local groundskeepers and guest ambassadors. Between prowling the vines and snoozing in the sun, they enjoy socializing with guests and romping through the fields with Chloe and Ginger. Juancito, the muscular older brother is a sweet snuggle-bug, and Evita, the delicate little sister is definitely the brains of the operation. Both can be regularly found daily during kitten “happy hour” on the vineyard porch.